sheepSamuel Hunt came to Ipswich after arriving with his Puritan parents in New England at the age of four in 1636. For 200 years what we call Great Cove downstream from the County Street Bridge was known as “Hunt’s Cove”.

Samuel often had words with his neighbor John Lee Sr. over the handling of cattle and sheep, and in 1668 the two landed in court for disturbing the peace. Both, feeling entirely justified, would not admit to any wrong.

A witness testified that John’s son Joseph hit Samuel with a club as they “were wording it over the sheep” and that Samuel took Joseph by the collar and tripped him up. At this point John Sr. appeared with a pitchfork and struck Samuel twice. If the younger John Lee  hadn’t interfered, Samuel would have been killed.

Another person testified that he heard that Samuel Hunt had pulled the hair from Joseph Lee’s head.  In response, Samuel owned that he had and added, “had it not been for the old man, I would have pulled them all out!” The three fighters were fined and bound to good behavior. Four months later they were released from the bonds apparently having behaved themselves.

Read the entire story by Louella Jones Downard.

Great Cove was once called “Hunt’s Cove”

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