Gordon Harris

The Ipswich Historical Commission is revitalized and in good hands with John Fiske as chairman, and we have an energetic group of members and alternates. I continue as a member, focusing on the Commission’s website.

This blog is where I dig deeper into the town’s history, and I received an exciting letter from the Ipswich Town Manager yesterday appointing me to the (unpaid) position of Town Historian. I’ve been in Ipswich for only eleven years, but the job of an historian, including an amateur one such as myself, is to uncover and preserve history, not to create it. Ipswich is a most unusual and fascinating town with a very rich history.

Much of what is posted on this site and the Historical Commission site comes from the following sources (just to name a few)….

I also receive photos and wonderful information about the town’s more recent history through three Facebook groups:


9 thoughts on “Gordon Harris, Ipswich Town Historian

  1. Mr. Harris,

    I am Dr. Calvin Mires, one of the PI’s on the archaeological investigations on ADA K DAMON, with Victor Mastone, through Salem State University in 2015/2016. I am hoping to contact you soon. Please, at your convenience, let me know the best way to do so. Cheers and keep up the great work! – Calvin

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