The Elizabeth Whitman Mystery at the Old Bell Tavern in Danvers

Elizabeth Whitman arrived at the Bell Tavern in Danvers, Massachusetts in the late spring of 1788. Refined, pleasant and beautiful, she was also pregnant. Whitman checked into the tavern under the name of Walker. She was from Connecticut, she told the innkeeper, and said her husband would be joining her.

On July 25, she died in childbirth and was buried. Her true identity was only discovered when an acquaintance read of her mysterious death in the Salem Mercury and came forward to untangle the mystery of her death.

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One thought on “Elizabeth Whitman – The “Mysterious Coquette,” July 25, 1788

  1. “Danvers” was actually South Danvers, which later became Peabody. She is buried in the small cemetery near the Stop & Shop on Boston Street/Main Street, Peabody. A sizable marker marks her grave.

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