In 1962, the oldest town in New England, Plymouth, Massachusetts, approved the clearance of 30 acres along Summer and High streets. Thus, one of the oldest neighborhoods of First Period homes in North America fell victim to urban renewal. By 1970, 105 Plymouth buildings dating from the 17th to the 20th century had been demolished, replaced by middle-income apartments and a tourist hotel.

Churchill house, one of the 12 remaining First Period houses in Plymouth MA
Churchill house, one of the 12 remaining First Period houses in Plymouth MA

It has been estimated that less than 400 houses from the First Period of English architecture (pre-1725) remain standing in America. 59 of them are in Ipswich, with clusters of First Period homes on High St, County St., and Summer St, and throughout the town.

A search for pre-1725 Plymouth houses on the Massachusetts Historical Commission site MACRIS reveals a total of 12 remaining First Period houses.

PLY.1718 19 Bradford St c 1705
PLY.129 Clifford – Warren House 3 Clifford Rd c 1695
PLY.1614 Morey, William – Phillips, Thomas House 52-54 Court St c 1710
PLY.1701 4 Emerald St c 1700
PLY.33 Lucas, Samuel – Howland, Thomas House 36 North St c 1640
PLY.117 Howland, Jabez House 33 Sandwich St 1667
PLY.119 Harlow Old Fort House 119 Sandwich St c 1700
PLY.65 Dotey, Thomas House 131 Sandwich St c 1700
PLY.66 Churchill, Joseph House 250 Sandwich St r 1680
PLY.45 Cornish House – Pine Valley 310 Sandwich St 1719
PLY.118 Sparrow, Richard House 42 Summer St 1640
PLY.77 Church, Nathaniel House 46 Summer St c 1684

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