The two buildings on the left in the photo below were taken down to erect the Colonial Building, but the rest of the streetscape remains the same. The third building from the left is the Agawam House, still standing but almost unrecognizable.

One of these
William Willcomb operated a confectionery shop in the North Main Street building on the far left from 1864 to 1890. “By strict attention to business, unfailing courtesy and a carefully selected line of general merchandise of which ice cream and confectionery formed no small part, a profitable trade was built up which lasted for over thirty years in spite of all competitors.”

Austin Measures was the next owner, and Measures Candy Shop continued the long-lasting institution in Ipswich. It was first located in the same small building on North Main Street that was demolished or moved in 1904 to construct the Colonial Building. He re-opened in a Central Street location.

Measures Candy shop was originally located in the small building on N. Main St., which was torn down to erect the Colonial Building in .1904.
Wilcomb’s Confectionery and Measures Candy shop were originally located in one of the small buildings on N. Main St. that were torn down to erect the Colonial Building in 1904.
The second Austin Measures’ Candy Shop is on the left on Central Street in the location that now has a Subway. The building on the right was the only structure between Market St. and Hammatt St. to survive the Central St. fire of 1894.
This photo is taken from about the same time as the one above, judging by the electric lighting.
Inside Measures’ Candy Store on Central St.
This is the Austin Measures house on Turkey Shore Road, built in 1874.
The Austin Measures house on Turkey Shore Road, built in 1874

Read more about the Austin Measures house.

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