Bella and her Great Dane
Bella and her Great Dane

Training dogs for the mobility impaired, the Service Dog Project at 37 Boxford Rd in Ipswich is a registered 501c3 nonprofit organization, fully accredited by Assistance Dogs International. Located on a 12 acre property near Hood Pond, expansive fields and a large arena provide the necessary space to raise the dogs from birth to graduation and even back for retirement if needed.

Bella is a 10-year-old Woburn girl with Morquio Syndrome who has undergone ten major surgeries and spends time every week at the hospital for treatment. Having to use crutches to get around, and not being able to carry anything on her own, Bella’s independence was very limited.

Then in January 2015, the Service Dog Project provided Bella with George, a Great Dane service dog. Supported by George, Bella has left her crutches behind and can now walk home from school and around the mall.

SDP has over 70 volunteers and is the home of 30 (or more) dogs in training. It is funded solely by community and corporate support. Read more at the Service Dog Project site.

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