The Ipswich Historical Commission site features a comprehensive index of the Old North Burying Ground, including photos of the 1300 graves representing 1800 interments. The Old North Burying Ground Preservation Study was recently completed by Martha Lyon Landscape Architecture and Fannin-Lehner Preservation Consultants. Maps and indexes are based on the 1935 book Memento Mori produced by the Ipswich Historical Society.
Funding for the Old North Burying Ground preservation study was provided by the Harold Bowen Fund, the Ipswich Historical Commission, a grant from Essex National Heritage, and a grant from the Massachusetts Preservation Projects Fund. Paul McGinleyspearheaded the project and guiding it to completion with the assistance of Gordon Harris. William Thoen provided consultation regarding structural engineering. Kaley Dorey, intern with the Planning Dept created the database and took photos. John Glassford shared photos from the FindaGrave site, Jeff Puter, director of Parks and Cemeteries met with us regularly. Joshual Gerloff cleared brush around many of the graves, making it possible to study them for the survey. Thanks to Glenn Gibbs and Ethan Parsons for their valuable assistance in the Ipswich Planning Department. Town historian Gordon Harris created and maintains the Historical Commission website.

3 thoughts on “Ipswich Old North Burying Ground

  1. Hi Gordon,
    How are you?
    This is Don Curiale.
    I think we have met through the years!
    I was Chair of the Ipswich Historical Commission 1993-98 or 99.
    I worked with your Ipswich Historian counterpart Mary Conley for years. I know she would have loved your stories, blogs, and site.
    I am sure many give you suggestions, but I will suggest anyway.
    I would love to see you do video/history of the grand Ipswich estates.
    We have The Great Hall, Crane, Waldingfield, Turner Hill, Norte Dame, Sunswick, .
    They are all the same glorious 1920’s period.
    And only two remain in private hands.
    I certainly can help you with Waldingfield.

  2. Hi Gordon. I was trying to find a relative buried there according to his death record and could not find his stone . any suggestions? Jim

    1. The alphabetical index is at Hundreds of the pre-1700 graves had wooden markers, and their locations are unknown. Also check the other Ipswich cemeteries, some of them almost as old. You might also try Ipswich listings at the FindaGrave site.

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