In 1911, Florence and Richard Teller Crane, Jr. invited the school children of Ipswich to a picnic on Crane Beach to celebrate their son Cornelius’ 6th birthday. The event became an annual tradition, and a fund was established so that it could continue for many years.


Robert Cronin, 91, writes:,
“The picnic was important to every school kid in Ipswich Besides Cranes gift to Ipswich of the Legion Building (Memorial Hall) and the Cable Hospital, he also left money to give all school children a picnic to Crane’s beach in the summer. As I remember it, now 80 plus years later, this included a trip on the then party boats to the beach, and a ride back. To my recollection, no child was left behind or drowned..You were given tickets for hot dogs, soda, and ice cream. It was great, except for the sunburns and sand in your pants.”
Photo courtesy of Bruce Lord
Photo courtesy of Bruce Lord
Photp from John Dolan's article
John Dolan wrote an article about the picnic and shared this photo in the May 16, 1996 Ipswich Chronicle.



One thought on “The Crane Beach children’s picnic

  1. I met John Dolan!!! He was the security guard at Hill’s Family Store when my Grammie Isabel Tenney worked at Hills. Great man!!!

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