Dulcibel is a fictional young woman charged with witchcraft during the Salem Witch trials. The book was written by Henry Peterson (1818-1891), a journalist and poet who served for twenty years on the editorial staff of the Philadelphia Saturday Evening Post. This edition was published in 1907. The illustrations are by Howard Pyle, an author and illustrator whose books are aimed at younger readers.

On page 203, the servant Antipas has gone insane and has been placed in chains, but his voice could be heard throughout the day until he fell down exhausted:

“They have torn the righteous to pieces; now the judgment is upon them, and they are tearing each other! Woe to the bloody towns of Boston and Salem and Ipswich! Satan is let loose by the Lord upon them ! They have slain the saints, they have supped full of innocent blood; now the blood of their own sons, their own daughters, is filling the cup of God s vengeance!”

Read the book online by scrolling with the arrows below.

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