east_30_jordan_1700The lot at the corner of East street and “Hog Lane,” now known as Spring St. was owned in 1648 by Francis Jordan the town-whipper, whose gruesome business it was to lay the lash upon the backs of evil-doers at the public whipping-post. Ironically in 1655, the owner was Jeffrey Snelling, a man of questionable character who had surely felt the sting of Jordan’s lash more than once. John Potter purchased the lot in 1708 with all the buildings, including the “old house, new out-houses, etc,” and built this house.

30 East Street during renovations. When the rear wing was removed, an old foundation was discovered, in which there were spoons of a style common to the early 1700’s. Photo provided by a previous owner.

The house was owned in the 1950’s by Hollie Bucklin, a historical enthusiast who added a cross-gabled entrance with a steep Gothic roof, found on post-medieval houses. Bucklin also owned and operated a book store next door at 3 Spring Street.

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