1910 Ipswich map showing Maple Street

A white arrow in the photo below points to the house at 6 Maple Street, with a horse in front. The photo was taken from Town Hill by Edward Darling, around 1890. In the foreground are houses still standing on High Street. On the far left of the photo is the old Lord Square fire station and the Payne School, bright white. Behind them you can see the train tracks. Several houses are seen behind it on Washington Street. The hillside behind was still primarily farmland. Maple Street first appears in the 1884 Ipswich map, without houses. By 1910, the Ipswich map shows the street completely filled. The house indicated by the arrow is shown as #6 and #8, apparently designed as a duplex, belong to G. Tozier. View a list of Maple St. residents from the 1910 Ipswich Census

Information below was provided by the Ipswich Historical Commission in the 1980’s, and link to black and white images at the MACRIS site. Color photos are from the Ipswich Patriot Properties database.

IPS.320, Harland and Blanche Burke house, 3 Maple Ave, 1916. This house was built between 1916 and 1919 for Hariand and Blanche Burke. Hariand Burke was a superintendent at F.L. Burke & Son, heel manufacturers whose factory was at Brown Square. Prior to construction of the house, land on which it stands was part of a larger lot at 5 Maple Street belonging to G. Baxter.

IPS.321, Arthur H. and Madeline H. Tozer house, 4 Maple Ave., built between 1910 and 1916. Arthur Tozer was a music teacher for the public schools and apparently worked out of his home. Prior to construction of this house, land on which it stands was part of a larger parcel belonging to G. Tozier.

IPS.322, Baxter, G. – Campbell Frank House, 5 Maple Ave, 1890.

George Tozier house, 6-8 Maple Street, circa 1890.

IPS.323, Nason, Fred A. House, 7 Maple Ave, 1896. This house was built between 1897 and 1900 for Fred A. Nason. From 1897 into the 1910s, Nason is listed in town directories as a traveling salesman. Prior to 1897 he was a shoe salesman in a local store.

IPS.324, Bodwell, William H. House, 16 Maple Ave, 1890. As late as 1888 there was no house on this site. By 1891 this house appears on maps under the ownership of William H. Bodwell. Bodwell is listed In town directories as a laborer and later a carpenter. Stylistic elements of this house are more in keeping with mid-nineteenth century architecture, indicating that the house may have been moved to this location.

3 thoughts on “Maple Street

  1. The Bodwell house on 16 maple Ave was originally up by the pumping station on high street and was moved during the winter in 1890.That house was in the Bodwell family until early 1970’s.

  2. I am looking for family-genealogy for the “Hodgskins” family one of the earliest settlers in Ipswich. I believe I see a Mrs. Hodgskins listed for ‘High Street’ will I be able to READ the map for 1894 if I purchase it for the $15.00 plus shipping? Who could I contact to look further into the Hodgskins family locally?
    Thank you for your time and attention,
    Marianne Davison

    1. Hi Marianne, I don’t sell the maps, but my site links to the maps online, and you can usually purchase them through those sources. You can also purchase maps of Ipswich at the frame shop on Central Street in Ipswich.
      Maps are at https://storiesfromipswich.org/maps-of-historic-ipswich/
      To see stories about the Hodgkins family, their houses, and their gravesites, simply type Hodgkins in the search box in the right column. Here are the results of the search. https://storiesfromipswich.org/?s=hodgkins

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