Holland-Ringe House, 42 High Street, Ipswich MA The Holland-Ringe house at 42 High Street in Ipswich was built in 1742 (2nd Period) but has Federal-era door trim. It was built by William Holland, who  was wounded in the loss against the French at Cape Breton in Nova Scotia in 1745. He was brought home and died. The house was sold to Daniel Ringe, another veteran of the French and Indian Wars. Daniel Ringe sold the house to his son John Ringe, an esteemed Ipswich cabinet-maker. His widow divided the property, and gave some of the land that the Ringe-Newman house sat on to her daughter Anna Ringe.

It is probable that the Daniel Ringe who owned the Holland-Ringe house was in the same family lineage as  the persons listed below:

Other persons by the name of Daniel Ringe (corrections or updates welcomed)

  1. The first Daniel Ringe arrived in 1648 and bought property from Thomas Emerson on Turkey Shore Road,  adjoining the Emerson-Howard house which still stands. We read that Daniel Ringe was ordered to tend to the cows on the “green before Mr. Rogers house.” (the South Green), and that in 1661 Daniel Ringe was licensed to keep an ordinary (inn) at the location on Turkey Shore Road, but “not to draw beer above a penny a quart, and to provide meate for men and cattle.”   In 1769, the land was sold by a later Daniel Ringe, son of Samuel Ringe.
  2. Captain Daniel Ringe who had been a soldier in the Indian wars in his younger days, and a prominent citizen, died on November 30, 1738 at the age of 80 (or 84). He owned the homestead adjoining the Howard house on Turkey Shore Road, and his will indicated a sizable estate.
  3. A Daniel Ringe worked as a fisherman at the turn of the 18th Century. His body was never found after his fishing ship was attacked by indians in an attack near Penobscot Bay in 1724.