ipswich_town_sealIpswich, Massachusetts was settled in 1633 in an area the Native Americans called “Agawam” and has more “First Period” houses (1625-1725) than any other community in America.

History articles on this site, indexed by century and decade:

The 17th Century - In April of 1614, Captain John Smith sailed near Ipswich and recorded, “Here are many rising hills, and on their tops and descents are many corne fields and delightful groves.” News of this pleasant land spread abroad. In 1633 Massachusetts Governor John Winthrop sent his son John Winthrop Jr. and “twelve good men” to found a settlement 30 … Continue reading The 17th Century
Ipswich woodcut,1838 attributed to S. E. Brown. The 18th Century - The Town of Ipswich devoted much manpower and resources during the first half of the 18th Century to the French and Indian Wars, and became a staunch supporter of the War for Independence. The development of the stagecoach maintained the prominence of the town for several decades. In 1793, the Hamlet was set off from the town and … Continue reading The 18th Century
The 19th Century - There was great excitement in Ipswich upon the visits of President George Washington and General Lafayette. Chebacco Parish withdrew from the town and became the Town of Essex. In 1828 the Ipswich Female Seminary was opened by Zilpah Grant and Mary Lyon. The Ipswich Manufacturing Company was established in that same year, later to become Ipswich Mills and … Continue reading The 19th Century
The 20th Century - In 1903 the Electric Light System was built as a municipal utility by the Town. A labor strike at Ipswich Hosiery Mills in 1913 resulted in a young Greek woman being killed after out-of-town police were brought in. The Great Depression brought desperately hard times to the people of Ipswich. The Old North Church on Meetinghouse Green was destroyed in … Continue reading The 20th Century
The 21st Century - The population of Ipswich was 13,602 in the 2000 Census, and continues to grow. The present High School opened on High Street, and the former school on Green Street became the Town Hall. The Town continues to debate about construction of new elementary schools and public safety facilities. The “Mothers Day Storm” of 2006 flooded downtown, … Continue reading The 21st Century
A Chronology of Ipswich history - 9000 BC. Paleo-Indian site along the banks of Bull Brook and the Egypt River at the end of Paradise Road. . 1614. Captain John Smith of Virginia sailed near Ipswich, and found here twenty-seven fisheries and trading posts. 1617. A plague kills most of the Indians at Agawam. 1622. Capt. John Mason obtains title to all land between the … Continue reading A Chronology of Ipswich history