The John Harris House at 38 East Street was  built in 1742.  It is a Second Period Georgian home,  2 story, end gable, with wood frame clapboard siding. The  Symmetrical 5 bay façade has numerous side and rear additions. View MACRIS.


Harris Family in Ipswich:
The first of the Harris family in Ipswich was Thomas Harris, a fisherman who was born in England and died in Ipswich in 1687. He  purchased land in the East Street area in 1665. His first  son also named Thomas was born in Ipswich in 1648 and died at sea in 1687.  A second son John was born in 1652 and died in 1732.  This John Harris was  deputy sheriff and had the duty of transporting accused witches to Salem for trial.  He also had a son named John Harris, born in 1686 who is apparently the builder of this house. 
Genealogy pages for Harris families in America often point back to this family.View at
Other Harris family homes in Ipswich:
John Harris II or III built the Harris – Stanwood house  nearby on Water Street in 1696 which was passed on to his son Thomas Harris.
Ephraim Harris house, Mineral Street, built in1696
Dow Harris house, 108 High Street, built in 1735
Harris – Jewett house, 66 High Street, built in 1795