What is Data SGP?

Data sgp is a library of classes, functions and data to calculate student growth percentiles and percentile growth projections/trajectories using large scale, longitudinal education assessment data. It utilizes quantile regression to estimate the conditional density associated with each students achievement history and to derive coefficient matrices that show the percentile growth needed to reach future achievement targets.

Data sets include the sgptData_LONG which is an anonymized, panel data set with 8 windows (3 windows annually) of assessments in LONG format for 3 content areas. There is also sgpData_INSTRUCTOR_NUMBER which is an anonymized teacher lookup table for each test record that provides instructor information. There is also a sgpData_DATE variable that indicates the date associated with each student assessment record.

The lower level SGP functions studentGrowthPercentiles and studentGrowthProjections require WIDE formatted data whereas the higher level wrapper functions utilize the LONG data format. If you plan to run SGP analyses operationally year after year we recommend formatting your data in the LONG format as it will make data preparation and analysis simpler and faster.

SGP analyses utilize student performance data, which includes a number of different measures of students’ abilities, including their achievement levels in various subjects and disciplinary actions. This information is collected by the school and reflected on each student’s report card. Often, this data is used to determine how well students are doing and whether they should be retained or promoted. It can also be used to determine the quality of instruction and whether it should be improved.

As such, it is very important to have a good understanding of how to interpret the outputs from SGP analyses and what the limitations are. Almost all errors that are encountered with SGP analyses revert back to problems in the data preparation phase and therefore it is important to take the time to prepare your data correctly before running any analysis.

Another thing to note is that the SGP software was built for a desktop computing environment and has not been tested on mobile devices. For this reason, it is recommended that users access the site via a computer or tablet instead of a mobile device when possible. This will help ensure that the application works properly on your device and that the website is not accidentally closed due to a mobile incompatibility bug. Additionally, it will allow you to see the graphical outputs of the SGP software more clearly as they are intended to be viewed. If you are unable to access the site from a computer or tablet, we suggest that you try using a virtual pricate network (vpn). This will allow you to navigate the website without having your IP address blocked by the ISP. This is the best way to avoid any issues with your internet connection and keep your data safe.

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